About me

A recovering perfectionist and type A personality failure who is both organizationally and spatially challenged.   I wrongly assume that I can fit in smaller spaces than humanly possible and frequently use my body as a battering ram on accident as I run into fixated objects like chairs, table corners and other things that I think I can squeeze past.  My catch phrase is "it's not my fault," when I run into the same kitchen table that has been a fixture in our home for years.  I am a pediatric nurse, mother to four sweet and spicy children who are teaching me daily to rely on God for everything, especially just getting through the actual day.   I have had a son with medical needs who is now is a thriving first grader.  I am currently learning how to parent a child with special needs including but not limited to his all consuming obsession to decorate my house for holidays before it is politically correct to decorate for the season.    In case you were wondering which house you can expect to be the stage of a remake of "Thriller," ready to be filmed in the month of September; or for a full winter wonderland available to you with blow up snowmen and light shows in July: That would  be our house, come on over if you are ready for some unexpected fun, noise, laughter and or tears.  By the way if you are my neighbor--I'm sorry.