Sunday, May 9, 2010

A friend loves at all times . . .

A friend who loves you at all times, in spite of your shortcomings, is a rare treasure. I have such a person in my life. The other day, she came over and let me sleep before I worked my night shift. She has this special way of knowing what a person needs, without them having to say a word. When I got up from my nap she had cleaned and organized my entire house. The laundry was finished and folded. The toys put away. The kitchen cleaned. Lately, since the care of my son with tube feedings and medications is so time consuming; I have been overwhelmed with just the simple daily tasks. It was such a relief to wake up to a clean house. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

This friend is such an industrious woman. I admire this about her and strive to show as much diligence. She is always busy: cleaning, helping, preparing. She has the gift of hospitality. From her, I've learned that hospitality is not just having a clean house, although she does. Hospitality is so much more; it's the way you feel when you are in her home- at rest. She has a way of making you feel you've come home, even if you are just over for lunch. You can sit down, forget your cares, and enjoy her company and of course the wonderful meal she's prepared. She's a great cook.

This friend has been there for me through everything; both good and bad. I can call her every day, and I do. She's probably the only person I could call at all hours of the night. I know she would come in an instant if I needed her. I can tell her anything, and she still loves me, even when I've wronged her. She loves me with an unconditional love; that though I try to return, I don't know that it will ever compare to what she's given to me.

This year with my son being sick, I have found myself in a state of need, unlike any I have experienced before. It is hard to admit that I am at a place where I have little to give in back return. Most days I am just trying to survive. To have the energy to stay awake, make the kids meals, and keep the house afloat. As a woman, it is often hard to allow others to help us. It is hard to admit you need help. She makes it easy, because I don’t have to say anything or even ask—she just steps up, and fills in. She has gone above and beyond to encourage me with cards and prayers. Her actions speak louder than words. She has cleaned my home, scrubbed my floors. She has taken care of my children and loves them as her own. She stayed at the hospital with my baby when I had a fever of 102 and I couldn't be with him. I don’t think I could have survived this year without her love and her support. She is my best friend, and I love her more than I can express. She is my mother. I am deeply blessed to know her and have her as my own. I hope I can be to my children, what she has been to me. I hope I can follow in her footsteps and be the friend to others that she is to me. I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. What a beautiful testimony to your Mother...You are so very blessed to have her as your Mom as I am to have her as my sister..

    Love you
    Auntie Suzie