Sunday, January 1, 2012

You thought your day was bad--a little GAPS humor

Have you ever had a day were it seemed like everything went wrong?   It began last night when the dog started crying the moment I laid down, in an "attempt" to get some sleep.   He never does that.   Unless, of course he has an evil plan to purposefully eat something completely indigestible; in hopes to have diarrhea for the next week until he finally passes whatever toy, marker or plastic wrapping he ate just for the fun of it. 

My husband ran down and let him out.   I laid in bed and braced myself for a night that I was NOT looking forward too.    I already had a virus  and now this with the dog!   Yes, a good old fashioned virus.  A horrific attack on my immune system, affecting my nasal passages, until they became so inflamed and full of copious drainage,  refilling every time I used my Nettie pot or blew my nose or now even tried to close my eyes.    Most of you probably don't sleep well anyway, you understand then that I expect to be woken up several times in the night anyway, I'm used to that, it's just the way it is with a kiddo who has food intolerance's.  For some reason, they just don't sleep through the night.   I'm used to sleep deprivation, it's just adding to that, the dog waking me up having to go to the bathroom every 3 hours, plus  a virus and some sort of version of adult like croup in which I woke up gasping for air, is more than I can handle.   It's at this time that one starts to wonder why in the world they even went to bed in the first place.  Maybe it would be better to just sit up all night and watch reruns of I LOVE LUCY, rather than attempting to get sleep that you knew you would never get.    I pondered this as I stood at the door, half awake, the freezing cold air blowing in my face, which actually opened my airway allowing me to breath again,  Well I guess at least getting up with the dog helped me breath better.   Maybe sleep is just totally overrated, apparently my body doesn't need as much as I originally thought it did to function.  Or maybe I am walking around zombie-like and everyone around me is wondering if I realize how poorly I am actually functioning. 

The honest truth is, I don't have TIME to be sick.   I don't have time to wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night.  Doesn't my body know that  I have to make broth and wash my vegetables and do the laundry and make my yogurt in the oven; which did not actually turn out as yogurt  for that matter!  No one one really wants to eat it cause it is too sour even with the honey added too it and no one is really sure what it is anyway, watery yogurt with with chunks in it, or  runny cottage cheese?   The consistancy is slightly off.   I have to sieve my broth and wash all the contraptions I just took out to  make my grain free pancakes out of one dozen eggs.   Then, I need to put ANOTHER chicken in the crock pot before I leave the house so I will have broth and dinner ready for tonight.  What?  YES, we are having chicken AGAIN for dinner so don't even start to complain about that okay.  

On top of everything the dog is now so matted, cause I didn't have time to brush him like I want too for the past few months while I was trying to read and learn how to make yogurt and grain free bread and bone broth out of fish heads.   So now that he has had diarrhea all night long, it is sticking to his derriere;  so before I leave to go buy more yogurt, organic eggs and apples, and before I put my second broth on, I first have to give a 60lb dog a bath in my bath tub and then try to cut these mat's out of his rear end.   So, all that being said, I might be a little late to my next appointment after I get the fur swept up and the towels from the dog's bath in the drier and you know what, yes we are having sour yogurt for a snack so just stop complaining okay! 

And just as everything seems to be getting better, the Broncos lost the game, and then my son with hypoglycemia had a melt down and is screaming like a maniac on the floor and that is exactly what I want to do right now but first I need to go change my under ware because I coughed so hard that I peed my pants!  So finally tonight, after two hours of kids coming down every five minutes for a drink of water or another kiss or a snack they fell asleep and I sat down to write my blog which had nothing to do with what I am writing now.   After two hours of working on it, I hit some random button and in one instant, everything I had written disappeared into oblivion.  Mostly likely it was better then this post but now its gone and I just don't have the patience to write it again tonight.    So yeah, it was sort of a rough day.  I hope yours was better cause my dog who used to look like this

Now looks like this

It is a terrible hair cut, and it took me twenty five minutes to get this picture because I think he is embarressed of all the bald spots in his coat.    Well, thankfully hair grows back.  Yogurt, however, does not become more sweet.

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  1. LOL! oh my. I am so sorry. This is so true! (especially yes we are having that for dinner AGAIN so stop complaining! lol)I am sorry you are feeling sick on top of everything else. Hang in there. You are amazing!