Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boys will be boys

Again, I have to admit I've taken a little break from the computer over the past few weeks.  If there are any faithful readers out-there, I apologize and here by promise to write more frequently.  To be honest, it's hard for me to imagine that anyone actually reads what I post.  However, I feel that since I've had over 300 hits, I need to step it up a notch, least anyone be disappointed. 

In my defense, I've been busy trying to keep my home in order, balance time with my four children and I have been perfecting a recipe for the most nutritious pureed G-tube feed known to man.  I think I have succeeded.  That is with the G-tube feed (keep an eye out for a future post on the recipe).   As far as balancing time and keeping my home in order; well that is an on going struggle and may take decades to obtain.  I have also found that if any sort of order is obtained;  it is most immediately destroyed by my two year old son.  He is drawn like a magnet to anything orderly or clean and is compelled to throw or dismantle it.   Most anyone with boys knows exactly what I am talking about.  I have to say that before I had a son, I first had two girls, who seemed content to play with one item at a time.  Not so with boys.  In a completely opposite way they seem to find pure joy in dumping, kicking and throwing things.   In fact, I am quite certain that half the time my son isn't actually even playing with anything . . . he is just throwing it.

Baby Henry, seems to be suddenly showing some signs of this boyish nature emerging.  Since he is just thirteen months old, it is evident to me that it is in fact, part of his nature.  I certainly didn't model throwing or screaming over the past months in hopes that my son would one day perfect these skills. 

I don't know if you mom's of boys find this to be true, but I have found that boys seem to be much louder than girls?  The odd thing is, they also actually seem to scream more than little girls and at a slightly higher pitch.   I would never have believed this before I had sons of my own.   However, it seems everywhere I turn I meet a newly screaming baby boy.  Further, the amount of screaming boys I meet are increasing at an alarming rate.   I remember years ago my husband's sister told me stories of her screaming nephew.  I had met his mother and she seemed to be a responsible and intelligent woman, but I, as a new mother of a sweet and quiet baby girl, wondered how she could have ended up with a screaming son?   Lack of discipline?  How unfortunate.  Ah, the things we learn when the tables are suddenly turned!   Most recently a friend of mine and new mother herself came over my house for a play date.  Her adorable son opened his mouth and let out what is now part of my daily normal, a loud and proud scream.  She had this embarrassed look and said, "I'm so sorry, I don't know why he does that."    I am not quite sure why either, but I had hardly noticed it, since I am so accustom to it's daily display in my own home.  

Henry has recently taken up a sort of yelping and growling sound.  He does this when he is happy and he does it when he frustrated.   I think mostly, he just enjoys the sound of his own voice and the more he hears it the louder he gets.  As I have said before,but sometimes raising boys is more like raising wild animals than children.  This seems especially true when you get a good bite on the shoulder or leg as I did this afternoon.  That too is something that seems to occur more frequently with boys.  I really don't remember my girls biting me.  However, on several occasions my sons, while playing or even hugging me are apparently so overcome with affection that they just bite. . . out of pure excitement?   This too is something I remember "hearing" about as a new mom and my assumption was "oh, how terrible, that lady's son is a biter."  Never again, ladies, never again.   Funny thing is, I've never been bit by an angry boy.  The bite is always when I least expect it, we are playing and having fun and this BAM, teeth sink right into you arm!  WOW!  So I have come to the conclusion that there is such a thing as a LOVE bite.   However, I don't suggest testing this out on anyone you know, I don't think it will ever be accepted in our culture. 

Unfortunately, it seems that our experiences with men could have NEVER prepared us for raising young boys.  The truth is, no matter how quiet your husband is now, he probably was a squealer in his younger days. . . and a bitter too for that matter . . . just ask his mom!

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