Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swallow study

This morning's swallow study confirmed that Henry is still having issues with swallowing.  Infact, they never even attempted to give him anything thinner than what is called "nectar" thick, because the "honey" consistency was going to close to his vocal cords.  I was very pleased with the radiologist and the therapists who took so much time to gather information about all the issues we've had with feeding Henry.  They told me that after the scopes tomorrow morning and another swallow test, called the FEES, which will take place Thursday, we should have the "FULL PICTURE."  They are very thorough here and it is so reassuring.

We actually are meeting with Pulmonary and GI as I type.  We just saw Doctor Putnam and Doctor Wood the pulmonary doctor will be in any minute.  These guys are the best in their field and I am tempted to ask for a picture because they are pretty much famous surgeons!  We could not have a better team of specialists working on Henry.  Also, the doctor we are staying with, is an ENT fellow and has done many cleft repairs himself.  He graciously took a lot of time last night answering all kinds of technical questions about how they actually do the repair, it was facinating and so helpful to have his expertise at my disposal.  Truly, the Lord could not have made this situation more perfect than it is.  It is so unbelievable how smooth everything has gone so far and I feel such a peace about going further. 

We will have a LOT more answers tomorrow afternoon after the doctors actually scope Henry's airway and see for themselves what he looks like now and rediagnosis his cleft and airway issues.  I will let you know what we find out, we are very excited to have the best of the best assessing him tomorrow morning.

The procedure will begin around 11:00 AM so please keep little Henry in your prayers.  Love to you all. . .


  1. Kristina,
    We are praying and will continue to pray! Just know Zach and I will be thinking of you guys at 10:00 colorado time!


  2. Thank you for the udpate Kristina! My prayers are with you and little Henry today! God bless you bunches today. Love Karen