Saturday, August 21, 2010

On our way to Cincinnati!

I just have a quick minute to write before we head out again.  We just outside of Columbia Missouri and have about 6 hours left to reach Cincinnati.  We had a long day in the car yesterday, about 12 hours.  Henry did amazing and was mostly happy the whole way.  We have about 6 hours left today! 

Henry has a baby doll that my mom bought for the trip.  It has a hard face that looks real.  Yesterday he was singing to it in the car--so cute!  The weather was pretty much perfect all day yesterday as well.  Thank you all for your prayers.  As many of you know the insurance company had refused to pay for our trip.  No earlier than 24 hours before we left, we found out that Henry's pediatrician had called the medical director of the insurance company, explained our situation, and we were given full approval for the week of tests and surgery! 

We start our busy week of appointments on Monday.  I'll try to post the schedule soon.

Love to all

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