Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another mirical

We had the scopes this morning.  Again, I could not be more impressed with Cincinnati Children's Hospital, every thing they do is completely top notch.  The nurses were very sweet and we also got to meet the famous doctor Cotton.  Our time with him was too brief to snap a picture, darn!  Fourty or so minutes after we left Henry in their care, we were ushered into a room with EVERY doctor on his team.  Yes EVERYONE was actually in one room at one time, communicating with me about my son!  AMAZING! 
Doctor Cotton spoke first, "the good news is, Henry does NOT have a cleft."  I am still processing this but as I listened to all of the doctors speak, I heard over and over again.  His airway is not swollen, his lungs are completely clear, his stomach and GI tract are normal and not irritated, he DOES NOT HAVE A CLEFT.
The doctors told me that tomorrows FEES study will help us to understand better why Henry is still having some problems with swallowing.  It could be lack of experience and they all were very positive that with some therapy, he will learn to tolerate liquids and solids.  Doctor Putnam, the GI doctor, told me that the G- tube could be removed within a few weeks since we don't need it anymore. 
I am still processing all of this.  The pictures of Henry's airway were so significantly different than pictures taken a few months ago.  The pictures from Denver were red with lots of swelling, these pictures showed a normal healthy airway.  God has indeed done a lot of healing in little Henry's body.  Thank you all for your prayers for us.  They canceled his surgery for Friday and instead we will be driving home.

Please pray for the FEES study tomorrow.  It can be a bit uncomfortable so I'm praying Henry will cooperate so we can find out what we need to know so we can move ahead with teaching him how to eat.

Oh, also today, Doctor Johnson, with whom we are staying, scrubed in on Henry's case.  He wasn't scheduled to be in the OR today, but he went in, just to be with Henry.  It was really kind of him and reassuring to know that he was looking out for him!  After I pick his brain tonight, I will update on any thoughts he had about what he saw in the OR today.

Thank you all and I'll let you know what we find out tomorrow.  Things are looking up!

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